Project Farasha
An Art Exchange and Benefit for The Iraqi Children’s Art Exchange
May - October, 2007

In the spring of 2007, I got a phone call from Lara Dutto in Orinda California; she’d found ICAE on the web. She and a group of friends wanted to “ something to help Iraqi children.” . We agreed to an art exchange project that would culminate in a fund-raising event for ICAE. It was called Project Farasha (butterfly in Arabic).

ICAE sent a box of original Iraqi art which they used to coordinate art exchange events in the San Francisco Bay Area; the group worked energetically and enthusiastically with a wide range of children/youth and organizations. The culminating event in October raised the money that would eventually help fund The Art Space at Al Nuzah in Amman Jordan. The Project Farasha art was taken to Jordan, and where it was displayed and given to Iraqi children/youth.